Program Details

Money Blueprint®

Here’s what you can expect with the program:

Quarterly full-day Masterminds

Dates are announced well in advance.

Personalized money mindset and business cash flow consulting

Profit Strategy Sessions are offered twice a month and the schedule is published well in advance. Clients love attending sessions because even if they don’t have top of mind questions that week, they benefit from hearing the conversations happening with other clients

The video learning modules are usually just 20-30 minutes PER MONTH

We send you an easy-access link to access your next video module as soon as it’s available.

Journaling prompts and writing exercises

There will be journaling prompts and writing exercises that are designed to be paced throughout the month.

One 30-minute call with your Profits Consultant per month

You’ll have one 30-minute call with your Profits Consultant per month for up to five months or until your Automation plan is complete, set up, and you are in control of it and know how to turn the dials.

Requests from your Profits Consultant in the first few months of the program to get your Automation set up

The time this takes will vary from person to person. Some business owners still need to take care of last year’s P&L or taxes. My team will ask you to open and name a few bank accounts, and you will need to be banking with a large, reputable bank. Don’t let this seem daunting – your Profits Consultant is with you to make these changes as pain-free as possible.

Nina’s Story

Nina* was focused on paying off debt, but learned how to accelerate her wealth accumulation instead.

Nina made big changes early in the program. She left her job, invested in herself and committed to growing her business, and purchased a home in a different state to lower her cost of living. All of these powerful decisions created more margin in Nina’s life and accelerated her ability to pay down her debts rapidly. Debt is easier to pay down when you have more cash flow, so Nina created more cash flow with our guidance in the program. But she also made adjustments and plans to ramp up her savings after those changes, too.

Beginning net worth before Money Blueprint®: $102,360

Net worth after first 24 months with Money Blueprint®: $174,192

*Not Nina’s real name, but yes, these are her real results.

Your 12-Month Journey with Money Blueprint®

Money Blueprint® starts with a base strategy over a one-year timeframe.
Content is customized to fit your exact consulting needs.

Month 1

Your Money Operating System®

We begin your transformative money journey with our proprietary model for money psychology training: the Money Operating System®. This sets the foundation for everything we’ll be doing during the exciting months ahead, not to mention the massive wealth building you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. Get ready to unravel your money story…

You’ll be introduced to your Profits Consultant and receive access to your financial dashboard. This is where you can easily see your entire financial picture, including assets, mortgage, credit cards, bank accounts, and investments – all in one place. You’ll be able to view your net worth in real-time at any time.

We’ll also do our first Virtual Live Mastermind where you’ll be empowered to begin transforming your current money reality. It will be a conversation unlike anything you’ve ever participated in before!

Month 2

Your Money Scripts

Your Money Scripts is where we take inventory of what’s standing between you and the financial success you crave. And yes, we actually do want you to write down everything you say and think about money! Your financial vocabulary is the primary creator of your financial life, so it’s critical that you’re aware of what you say.
We’ll then give you proven scripts to empower you with money and significantly increase the flow of money into your life. We’ll give you access to our exclusive Money Operating® System Assessment, which will reveal your superstitions and beliefs about money that may be sabotaging your financial success.

Month 3

Your Profit First Cash Flow Automation Plan

You’ll have your second call with your Profits Consultant. As part of this call, your coach will be putting the finishing touches on, delivering, and working with you to implement your custom Automation Plan.

This is where we dig into how you’ve crafted your income streams – and you can expand, even multiply them! We’ll give you specific coaching on how to scale your business’ profitable revenue streams or redesign aspects of your business with profits in mind. Yes, there is hard work involved, but the end goal is to increase revenues, profits, and income.
As a business owner, you’ll need to learn how to master negotiations, so your video lesson this month reveals the keys to win-win conversations, and the specific things you must do in each negotiation to get what you want.
This month will also include a fun and friendly competition designed to completely alter your ability to make big, unreasonable requests. It’s time to start imagining what life will be like when you master your ability to be someone who hears people say “Yes!” more often. This particular assignment will empower you to pursue a life and business you’re raving about to your family and friends.

One more thing – you’ll also get two chances to attend Profit Strategy Sessions and receive one-on-one consulting.

Month 4

Contingencies and Tax Planning

Now, it’s time to plan for your future using all that you’ve learned so far. Your Cash Flow Automation Plan will be set up and ready to go to help you get some fresh exciting money momentum.

We offer 2-hour Profit Strategy Sessions for you to ask individualized questions and workshop with us twice a month.

Our course videos will also focus on executive-level productivity and personal planning, as well as setting up Disaster Recovery, Contingency, and Succession plans.

Equally important, your videos this month will include education on the alphabet soup of investment account types (IRA, SEP, Roth, Trust, etc.). You’ll have access to a Downloadable Retirement Account Scenarios PDF designed specifically to help you find the right retirement account for you and your business.
Last but not least, we’ll walk you through strategic tax planning information so you know how to minimize your tax bill.

Month 5

Work-Life Balance and Profitability

We’ll dig into how to grow your business in a way that enables you to live a well-rounded life you love. You’re not a machine!

In addition, we’ll walk you through how to view your Quickbooks accounting system and identify your Profit Generating Activities. This will help you turn the dials of your business to run at top profitability.

We’ll also provide you with a prospect tracking template so you can fill your pipeline and keep it full.

And don’t forget about your Profits Consulting call! This month you’ll work with your consultant on making adjustments to your system as needed. And of course, you’ll be invited to Profit Strategy Sessions with one-on-one consulting.

Month 6

Investing, Insurance, Estates – Oh My!

Month six is all about the basics of investing, insurance, and estate planning and how to successfully apply each of these financial tools to your own life. Not only do we want you to multiply your wealth, we want you to protect what you’ve built!
This month will also include setting up your retirement accounts and developing a plan to fund them. You’ll also get your insurance policies in place and draft your estate plan documents.

If your Cash Flow Automation system still needs some tweaks, this will be your chance for a final call with your Profits Consultant. You also won’t want to miss another opportunity to participate in one-on-one consulting with us during the Profit Strategy Sessions.

Month 7

Profit-Generating Activities

What do you need to do everyday to generate the most profit? As simple as this question is, you may be surprised how few business owners know their unique answer. This month is when we truly focus on scheduling and executing high-profit activities on a regular basis.
Part of this commitment includes hiring or delegating almost everything else. If you’ve never truly delegated before, this may seem like a monumental task, but I promise, you will love the freedom this can create in your schedule and head space.

Months 8-11

Profit Boss® Optimization

With your custom-built profit funnel in place, we can now further optimize your everyday activities toward a much higher level of business profits and personal income for you. The biggest challenge we’ll face with Months 8-11 is defusing any fear of failure or rejection by implementing confidence and a daily commitment to profit-building activities. Your experience will focus on your personalized business-building opportunities.

This can include:

  • Hiring employees
  • Personalized coaching from me on effective sales conversations
  • Learning boundaries
  • Refining your business model
  • Eliminating activities and offerings that are not profitable
  • Renegotiating agreements with people so you aren’t giving more than you can afford or staying in legacy business relationships that no longer serve you
  • Learning how to talk about money (and not fight!) with your spouse
  • Asking for money
  • Inviting a business partner
  • Becoming someone who makes sales calls consistently
  • Building and using your pre-filled calendar with a schedule that both enlivens you and increases your profit
  • Strategizing a plan to pay off debt
  • Adjusting to your Cash Flow Automation plan
  • Raising the ceiling for what is possible

Month 12

Course Conclusion

This life-changing transformation wraps up with a look back at everything you accomplished over the past year. You’ll complete our exclusive Money Operating System® Assessment again to see just how far you’ve come in your relationship with money and how dramatic the change really is!

We are currently offering students the ability to continue with us on a month to month basis after their program completes. This allows you to continue to multiply your profits as your company grows, and who doesn’t want that? As always, if you choose to become a financial planning client, we’ll welcome you onboard full-time.

What’s my investment with Money Blueprint®?

As we advise all of our clients to do, we often raise our prices and therefore don’t list them here. You should know this program is at least a 5-figure investment, and our clients often enjoy 6- and 7-figure benefits. We will share exact details with you on your Strategy Call.

Sophia’s Story

Sophia* was struggling after her financial safety net disappeared, but gained security by taking control with the Money Blueprint®.

Sophia had the financial rug pulled out from underneath her when the family stipend she was used to receiving stopped abruptly because of a tragic accident. She struggled with conflicting messages from family members and an ‘upper limit problem’.
Ultimately, Sophia committed to financial health and success. With coaching through the Money Blueprint®, Sophia raised her hourly rate from $50 to $250 while working less. That one action increased her annual income by $50,000!
She saved her increased income toward future goals and paying down debt. Sophia is now married to the man of her dreams and started her own practice, making her a business owner instead of someone else’s employee. She now has several employees working for her and is generating significant business profit. Sophia is even able to fund a company retirement plan.
Sophia’s transformation story is still being written (as yours will be a work in progress), but she is already well on her way to earning her financial independence and thriving.

Beginning net worth before Money Blueprint®: $22,171

Net worth growth during Money Blueprint®: $40,152

Current net worth after Money Blueprint®: $77,180

*Not Sophia’s real name, but yes, these are her real results.