Key Takeaways

A Complete Wealth Multiplier Experience from the Convenience of Your Home or Office

…all you need is a WiFi signal!

Money Blueprint® can give you the accountability and support you need to succeed.

This is not going to be one of those programs where you register, get behind, and never complete the work, leaving you feeling disappointed and regretful.

I get it – I’ve been there and it feels like a complete waste of time, money, and energy.

My team has communication systems in place to keep you engaged, let you know exactly what needs to be done on a weekly basis (or how you can catch up quickly), and how to get restarted easily. Our weekly emails to you will be engaging and informative, and also can be used as a resource to find what you need and stay on track.

All of our interactions will be insightful, supportive, and designed to generate additional personal net worth for you. You’ll have monthly calls scheduled with your Profits Consultant, and you’ll meet with us on a consistent enough basis to transform everything about your money life in 12 months. You’ll develop extremely unique and valuable relationships with our other clients in your new Wealth Mastermind. This is a multi-dimensional offering that absolutely supports your success. We’re all rooting for you to win!

What’s standing between you and financial success?

You can unleash the incredible power of your business to manifest the results you dream of with Money Blueprint®.

Our goal is for you to walk away from this program with all of the following:

  • Design your business to fit your life, not the other way around
  • Transformed Money Operating System®
  • Empowered and abundant money mindset
  • Powerful money conversations and thoughts
  • An expanded view of what’s possible for your business, which leads to more market share and business growth
  • Increased profits from highly leveraged revenue streams
  • A long and continuously filling pipeline of prospective clients
  • Executive-level mastery of your business’ Profit Generating Activities
  • Short-term savings goals are being pre-funded
  • Organized and purposeful money flows
  • Paying yourself a consistent – and increasing – income
  • Productive calendaring and email systems in place
  • Basic understanding of investing, taxes, insurance, and estate planning documents
  • Implementation of disaster recovery, contingency, and/or succession plans
  • Quickbooks in order
  • Regular contributions to your retirement accounts invested in a diversified portfolio

Imagine what your life could look like 5, 10, or 20 years from now…

That isn’t wishful thinking – that’s life with Money Blueprint®. If you’re ready to thrive, not just survive, the time is now to take control with Money Blueprint®.

What’s my investment with Money Blueprint®?

As we advise all of our clients to do, we often raise our prices and therefore don’t list them here. You should know this program is at least a 5-figure investment, and our clients often enjoy 6- and 7-figure benefits. We will share exact details with you on your Strategy Call.