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Ignoring your money problems won’t earn you financial freedom.

Many highly successful business owners never live the life they dream of because they’re trapped in financial overwhelm. No matter how much money they make, there still never seems to be enough. They’re continually working harder without ever achieving financial success.

The first step toward financial freedom is being honest with yourself.

Profit First Certified Professional

Increase Profits and Gain Control of Your Finances

Take back the power in your relationship with money.

Heal Your Financial Past

Change your money mindset to dramatically decrease financial stress and anxiety and improve your quality of life.

Unleash Your Earning Potential

Realize what's financially possible. Get out of crushing debt and gain fresh momentum with your money.

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Feel clear and confident about your finances. Start making the most of your profits and leave no opportunity unexplored.

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Finally have freedom of choice in your business and finances. Enjoy work-life balance, self-care, travel, or save for retirement.

I was a financial expert making over six figures – and buried in over $500K of debt.

I’m Hilary Hendershott.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a high earner drowning in debt:

  • $25,000 in auto debt
  • $72,000 in school loans
  • $50,000 in credit card debt
  • $420,000 in mortgage debt
The lowest point for me came when I lost my condo due to foreclosure and moved into my mom’s spare room. My FICO score was below 500 and all of my bank accounts were empty.
The truth is, I was overspending so more people would like me (or so I thought). I wasn’t investing in my future. Did I know better? Of course, I was a financial advisor! But my actions didn’t reflect how I really wanted to live – how I really wanted to show up to the world around me.
It was fun to look successful, but it haunted me knowing I just looked the part. It wasn’t the real deal.

I knew I needed a plan. I knew I needed to rethink how I thought about money.

After hitting rock bottom, I completely turned my life around. I now own a successful, super profitable business with a growing team. I work because I want to – not because I have to.

Now, I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mother, fee-only fiduciary, Certified Profit First Professional, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with over twenty years of experience championing my clients’ financial success. I intimately understand the financial struggles you face because that was my story, too. I can show you how to intuitively understand your numbers and heal your relationship with money. I did this for myself and built a million-dollar business as a result.

It’s my greatest privilege to guide clients who have experienced being ignored by the so-called experts to now have financial clarity and even triumph. It’s my greatest joy – my purpose on the planet – to show people just like you the ‘side door’ to financial freedom.
With tremendous responsibility, a powerful position running your business, and an incredible vision also comes a long list of obligations. I get it. I can be the conduit to help you align your business with your heart and goals, design a profit plan that capitalizes on your zone of genius, make a plan for your money that works, and finally, grow your wealth.
I was able to reach true Financial Freedom by learning how to change my brain about money (engaging neuroplasticity, which is the science of altering how your brain thinks about things). It’s because I learned to respect the significance of the story of money in my life. I don’t worry about money anymore, and I haven’t for years. Yes, the economic downturn of 2020 did affect my income for a short time, but it didn’t affect my freedom. I surround myself with cash and spend far less than I earn, so my family is almost fully insulated from economic cycles.

You are not the only one struggling with business finances. We’ve seen it all. I’ve been there.

I created Money Blueprint® to teach you everything I learned on my path to business success and financial abundance.

Money Blueprint® Program for Business Owners

Your Transformational Journey to Profit Clarity and Financial Freedom

It’s like earning your mini-MBA in Finance in 12 months or less!

Ready to finally live the life you dreamed of when you started your business? If so, this transformational program is for you! Money Blueprint® will help you master your business and personal cash flows, take control of your relationship with money, and learn the skill of creating wealth.

12-month Program with Virtual Access

Money Blueprint® starts with a base strategy over a one-year timeline. Our online delivery includes both text and audio format as well as a private podcast for easy access.

Money Psychology

Your Money Operating System® will reveal your money story and mentally prepare you for the wealth you'll be building. Discover the superstitions and beliefs about money that may be sabotaging your financial success.

Cash Flow Automation

Scale your most effective revenue streams or redesign aspects of your business with profits in mind. Implement your custom Profit First Cash Flow Automation Plan to easily make insightful financial decisions and thrive during times of economic uncertainty.

Future Planning

Explore executive-level productivity and personal planning, as well as setting up Disaster Recovery, Contingency, and Succession plans. Find the right retirement account for you and your business.

Profit Generation

Schedule and execute high-profit activities on a regular basis. Keep your pipeline full with prospect tracking and sales negotiation. Learn to hire and delegate effectively.

Certified Profit First Professionals

Our expert profits consultants are committed to your success! Trust them to provide you with accountability and strategic skills that will last a lifetime.

If your business is earning between $50,000 and $2,000,000 in annual revenue,
Money Blueprint® was made for you.

Danika’s Story

Danika* came into the program defeated but finished empowered.

As a real estate agent, Danika’s business income is often highly unpredictable. With Money Blueprint®, she now reliably keeps her pipeline full of clients!

She overcame the limiting beliefs that she wasn’t good with money and would never have enough. Now, she guides her financial life with these beliefs: “I’m in control of my money,” and “I’m a magnet for money.” What a powerful shift that was for her financial life!
Now, she saves for taxes and financial independence while still having steady cash flow to fund her personal life. She has more than enough money, and it flows to her easily.

When she started with Money Blueprint®, she was on track to earn $400,000 for the year and spend $450,000. She ended that year with revenue of $988,000 and savings of over $300,000!

Today, Danika has increased her net worth by nearly $300,000 per year for every year since, and she purchased her dream home in the high-priced Silicon Valley in 2021! If her growth rate continues, without any increases to her savings rate, Danika will be a millionaire in just a few years.

Beginning net worth before Money Blueprint®: –$191,000 (that’s negative nearly $200,000!)

Net worth after first 7 months with Money Blueprint®: $106,118

Expected net worth after 24 months with Money Blueprint®: $567,751

*Not Danika’s real name, but yes, these are her real results.

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Step Three

Improve Your Net Worth
Begin working with us to increase your profits and gain control of your money.

What’s my investment with Money Blueprint®?

As we advise all of our clients to do, we often raise our prices and therefore don’t list them here. You should know this program is at least a 5-figure investment, and our clients often enjoy 6- and 7-figure benefits. We will share exact details with you on your Strategy Call.

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